4th July.  BBC reports twenty Marines fly to Gibraltar and seize a tanker loaded with oil for Syria. (BBC here ) This is an example of truth-leak through the Mainstream Media. The tanker was transporting crude oil to a Syrian port. Syria is an oil-producing country, so should not need to import oil. But almost all of the Syrian oil wells are held by the USA and their Kurdish associates, leaving the Syrian people desperately short; and since 2014 Syria has been under a US and EU trade blockade.

The media remain quiet about the US still holding At Tanf, blockading the crucial road from Damascus to Baghdad. (See our 2018 article here.) And about tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in the Rukba camp in that area obstructed from returning home by the US. Or that since the defeat of ISIS, Israeli missile attacks on Syria have increased without, of course, any Syrian attacks on Israel.

With ISIS gone, barring occasional guerilla attacks, and other Jihadi groups now confined to Idlib Province, the substantial Christian communities in Syria (mainly Orthodox and Syriac) can live and celebrate their religion once more:

The scale of Christmas celebrations in “Muslim” Syria is little known. Syria is, of course, mainly Muslim, as is President Assad; but the Government is secular and there is freedom of religion. This is why the Jihadi elements are so opposed to Assad, and why they have proved to be such useful allies of the West in its war on Syria. Jihadis may be execrated in the West, but in politics and war my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

With the West’s attempt to destroy Assad having failed (for now) and with huge numbers of Syrian refugees managing to return home to rebuild, the UK’s theft of Syrian oil off Gibraltar gives a glimpse of the real agenda. And that agenda is for any nation in the region not subservient to Israel to be neutralised, destroyed, or regime-changed. Iraq is old news, Iran is next. And, as ever, UK Churches, supposedly the champions of a radical, non-violent spirituality, are as silent as the grave.

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