Darwinian Evolution is the default belief of most people in Britain, including the vast majority of those who self-identify as Christian. The fact that a plain reading of Genesis points clearly to a recent act of Creation has little impact on this. Neither does the lack of scientific evidence for Darwinian Evolution, nor the amount of evidence pointing to a recent Creation. The Science section of this site provides about twenty links to scientific, non-evolution sites, all with a slightly different emphasis. The primary emphasis of this site is the diversion of Christianity into Churchianity, but there are several evolution articles on the site, and links to each one appear below. This page looks briefly at how this incorrect belief comes about, and how it continues. Jump to the end of the article for the science links.

One of the more alarming facts about human beings is that they almost invariably absorb a world-view by their early twenties, and take this world-view with them to the grave. The key word here is “absorb”. People do not critically review all they hear as they grow up; indeed, it would be virtually impossible to do so. Whatever beliefs are prevalent in a person’s culture are absorbed to form the bedrock of their thinking. And as already pointed out above, this is unlikely to change significantly throughout their life. If everyone’s belief system were based on carefully researched evidence and logic, untainted by personal desires or bias or previous world-view, there would be a gradual convergence of world-view right around the planet. People from Saudi Arabia, North Korea, USA, Namibia, UK, Jamaica, China and everywhere else would come gradually to the same opinions. Patently they do not. People’s views remain grounded in the culture they grew up in and continue to live in. Everybody thinks that everyone else in the World, outside of their own culture, is just a bit stupid, a bit dishonest, or evil, or suffers whatever other defect is necessary to form their wrong thinking. It would be a real game-changer for mankind if everyone realised that they themselves are a prey to this dynamic and started to rethink.

I have learned over the years to check out statements that first appeared to me to be quite outrageous. Upon doing the research, I have often found that the most unlikely sounding statements merely sounded unlikely from my personal world view. It often takes months of research to arrive at a different view. Some understanding of science, history and rhetoric provides invaluable assistance in this, and the process is accelerated immeasurably by the internet. No more need to put in special requests for books to the Central Library; no more waiting weeks while they arrive!The internet puts the biggest library ever known to mankind on your lap, with instant search and retrieval facilities barely dreamed of even twenty years ago. Obviously the internet suffers from censorship, fake news, fake news about fake news, trolls and other irritations. But the truth is there if you dig and sift. I hope that this is an encouragement to others to venture out of their inherited mindset, and that this website, which is a distillation of my twenty-odd years of searching, can provide a heads-up.

(The reader might well ask about the author at this point. Presumably the same dynamic described above  also affects me, the author here? I can only say that I started life as a believer in Darwinian Evolution, the Western paradigm generally, and felt that Christianity was too outdated and blinkered to be worth  a second thought. I held those beliefs until the age of forty. It was a long and often painful process to turn them around to where I am now, a process that took more than two decades. I have never met anyone who has made the equivalent change in the opposite direction; if I did, there would be a very interesting conversation indeed! I do know plenty of people who started out as church-goers and moved to atheism; but that is not an equivalent change. Such people  have simply moved from a sub-culture of their society to the mainstream, often assisted by some obvious criticisms of Church which are probably all justified. In any event, joining the crowd is always the easy thing to do.)

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