A somewhat random selection here, but all useful if you want to increase your understanding of the World we live in.  Please note that the views on this site do not come primarily from books, but from the Bible, internet research, and also observation, as well as books. If you are looking for a single book that expresses what is on this site, we are not aware of one.



Anthony Daly

Whether you simply like a “Good Read” or like to educate yourself from your reading, this book is a must read. The author left Northern Ireland as a teenager and was caught up in sexual abuse in London by the “High and Mighty”. It is gripping, poignant, revealing and chilling. I picked it up as a bedtime read to get me to sleep. No other book has kept me awake so much.


Who Rules the World?

Noam Chomsky

America is often seen in the UK as a much-impaired but basically benign Sole Superpower, or as the World’s most strongly Christian Nation, or perhaps both. The detail Chomsky provides in this book gives a radically different view. His style is rather convoluted and heavily sarcastic, but the sarcasm is understandable when you compare the comforting image America presents of itself with the Evil Empire detailed by Chomsky.  Given the Sole Superpower status of the USA and its’ heavy “Christian” influence, this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand today’s world.


The Calvinist Conspiracy: Truth No One Else Has Had the Insight or Courage to Reveal!

Ron Craig

The title says it all. Ron Craig pulls no punches here. Was Calvin a great Christian man, fully worthy of the acclaim and the following he receives today, or is there something totally opposite going on? The answer matters. Best obtained in Kindle version from


The Cracked Bell:  America and the Afflictions of Liberty

Tristram Riley-Smith

A much lighter read than the two books above, but still serious. Riley-Smith is a Brit who has spent some years in America. Most people in the UK see Americans as being similar; we share much the same DNA, almost the same language, the same Western World lifestyle. At the same time, there is some understanding that there is a difference. This book gives a much clearer idea of just how big the difference is. If you don’t have the time or the money for a wander through the backwoods of the USA, this book is a much-needed window into our often dysfunctional cousins “across the Pond”.


The Genesis Flood

John Whitcomb and Henry Morris

The classic 1961 start of modern Creation Science. The book that every church leader of the last fifty years should have read, but hasn’t. (The first 73 pages are now available as a free pdf here. For the other 400-odd, Amazon UK has the whole book from about £12.)


In God’s Name

David Yallop

Investigative Journalist David Yallop’s 1984 piece on the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I. Obviously the allegation cannot be proven, but by the end of this book you will be convinced of Vatican corruption and probably of the murder as well.


A Secret Country

John Pilger

The other side of Australia, John Pilger’s native country, exposing treatment of the Aborigines over many years. A thought-provoking read that links in with the treatment of native peoples around the World.


The Mystery of Life’s Origin

Dr Charles Thaxton with W. Bradley and R.Olsen

Published in 1987, this book is largely credited with starting the Intelligent Design Movement, which is highly critical of Darwinian Evolution, but restricts itself completely to scientific evidences, ignoring anything Biblical. Currently £37 on Amazon, but free as a pdf here.