This site exists because the term “Christian” has all but lost its original meaning. Almost everything that Jesus said and did was radical, anti-establishment, even anti-religion. The path that He demonstrated, and invited others to follow, was a far cry from the comfortable Churchianity that we commonly see today. The articles posted here are an attempt to put the record straight; to document the subversion of Christianity by churches, cults, governments and others; to refute the false teaching of evolution; to expose the lie of a link between True Christianity and violence; and to reaffirm the teachings of Jesus the Christ, Son of the Creator God.

I myself was an Atheist until the age of forty. At that point in my life a salutary experience forced me to rethink, and in time I became a church-going Christian. Over the next thirty years I had occasion to think, think, and rethink again and again.  I stopped attending church about fifteen years ago, and realised later still just how corrupt and comfortable they are.

Much of my working life has been spent as a High School Science Teacher – Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I despair at the lack of understanding of science among the general population; even among scientists, who so often only know the textbook version of their own specialism. I despair further that even alleged “common sense” never seems to make people think. For example, every camera ever made needed a designer or many designers. Yet the human eye exceeds them all in its abilities, and people think it arose purely by chance.

This site is dedicated to the Almighty, Loving, Just and Merciful Creator who designed and made the eye and every good and beautiful thing it ever sees.