The links here are non-science ones only. For Science Links go to Science Page.  As with the Books Page, a somewhat random selection of websites here, both secular and otherwise, which help one to think “outside the box”. Please note that there is no other site out there, as far as we know, that reflects this site. You need to do a lot of googling, Bible reading and observation to put all the parts together.


The Syrian War has now dragged on for seven years and shows no sign of ending soon. For a much more detailed reporting than the mainstream media ever even attempts these three sites are useful, often updated by the hour:

Southfront                                          Al Masdar                                             LiveUAMap


Veteran Investigative Reporter John Pilger has been around for so long it’s hard to believe he’s still going. He is, but most unlikely to be seen on the BBC anymore. There is a huge quantity of material on a wide variety of topics, some going back a long time, on his website here.


Radical Christian Press. It’s not a site we can completely agree with; if there was a site we completely agreed with, we would not have bothered creating this one! However, there is plenty here to read and be challenged by, and it stands out clearly from run-of-the-mill “Christian” sites. It’s American, so make the usual allowances! Here.


Global Research. Very large Canadian site with many contributors, edited by Professor Michel Chossudovsky. It’s called a “Conspiracy Site” and so is obviously controversial, but is far more evidence-based than many other such sites. If you are looking for a site that points you “outside the box” in many directions, this is probably it. As with everything, we advise clear thinking and good research; count nothing out, count nothing in. Think and check evidence. Here.


Stephen Sizer’s Website. It’s not often that an Anglican Reverend Doctor steps up to the plate to say anything controversial. Stephen Sizer is one such, probably the only one. He sees Christian Zionism as incompatible with true Christianity, as we do. We do not, of course, agree with his continuing activities in the Anglican Church. In this respect he appears to be very much a Churchgoer rather than a Christian. Here.


The Big One! Probably the greatest controversy of our times is how three buildings collapsed on 9/11. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a very uncomfortable read, partly because of their conclusions, but also because of the structural evidence they present. We’ve all heard the standard account a thousand times; find some serious “out of the box” commentary here.