Shai Masot should have been a key character in Panorama’s “Is Labour Anti-Semitic?” but the programme took another track. It painted a picture of an institutionally anti-semitic Party in which Jews are so badly treated that they are likely to suffer nervous breakdowns. It was so obviously one-sided that any viewer should have smelt a rat, especially if they remember the 2010 Labour Leadership Election, in which both the final candidates were Jewish. 

Among the long string of Labour critics featured by Panorama were Ella Rose and Alex Richardson. They were featured anonymously as just “two more persecuted Labour Jews.” But  an earlier Al Jazeera programme had already documented their relationship with Shai Masot, who worked for the Israeli Embassy in London. Masot’s role at the Embassy seems to have been exclusively to infiltrate and influence Labour on behalf of Israel. Ella Rose  was exposed in it, among other things, as a previous employee of the Israeli Embassy. She and others complained to Ofcom about the film, which was based on a six-month undercover investigation. Ofcom has thrown out every charge; that is a stamp of approval on the shocking and detailed revelations.

Shai Masot was forced to resign from his Embassy position because of what the film revealed. The Mainstream Media has almost never mentioned his name. Yet the evidence the film reveals of a foreign embassy interfering powerfully in British Politics is stunning. If the Russian Embassy was thought to do one tenth as much, probably the entire Embassy staff would have been instantly expelled.

Happily, you can judge these things for yourself. The Panorama programme is here until July 2020, and the first episode of Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby” is here, and will lead you to the next three half-hour episodes. Christian Rethink is a big believer in reading text rather than watching video, but here there are three hours of must-see TV. The contrast between what the programmes show, and the evidence and honesty they use, could not be more stark.

Why does this matter? Firstly, because Truth matters; especially so for a Christian. We were never meant by God to live in a world of make-believe or lies; but if you soak up the Mainstream Media uncritically that is exactly where you are living. Most of the News Section items here seek to demonstrate this. And here we have the clearest demonstration possible of the BBC deliberately hiding readily available, vitally important and relevant facts. Secondly, for Christians, who are frequently also Zionist, it is important to understand the nature of the State of Israel. In particular, to understand how Israel influences UK Politics and Media, and in turn even the doctrine of churches, which ought to come exclusively from the Bible.

Short of time? Just watch the first 11 minutes of Al Jazeera, up to Ella Rose’s appointment as Director of the Jewish Labour Movement ; then the opening 45 seconds of Panorama, where Ella appears, anonymously, as a very sad young girl suffering wanton anti-semitism. If you prefer to read try here or here. Note that these reports are all over two years old, as is the Al Jazeera documentary. The silence is maintained.

At the heart of this issue is how one defines anti-semitism and anti- zionism: see our article on anti-zionist, religious Jews here.