Clarification Q24

Question 24

RS Asked:

Where is repentance, turning from sin and being born again?”

I was including repentance in acknowledging ones’ sin. Is it possible to acknowledge ones’ sin as sin, and yet not repent? Is it possible to acknowledge ones’ sin as sin and yet not wish to turn from it? Is not Rebirth something that follows from these things? I suspect we have the same view, but I have summarised a little further than you are comfortable with. The issue we may disagree on (People do) is exactly what it means to “turn from sin”. Some would say that leading a good, clean life is essential to be Saved. But we cannot lead such a life until we are. The Greek translated as “repentance” is “metanoia”, which means a “change of mind.” We are saved by a change of mind, not by changing our ways. However, our actions are always a consequence of our thoughts, so when we have made our change of mind, and when as a result we also have the Lord’s help to behave differently, then we will. These things may happen simultaneously (or sometimes not) and therefore it is difficult to establish cause and effect. However, the prime cause at the individual level is the change of mind. See also page on the Gospel.