You Don’t Understand God? Of Course You Don’t!

It is sometimes said that God moves in mysterious ways. To us His ways must be, since His intelligence, knowledge and power are as far above ours as our own is above a cat. It is mere pride that makes us think we should understand Him perfectly, and the worst kind of pride and rebellion to use that lack of understanding to reject God or His ways.

Do you really understand how the Big Bang is supposed to eventually create Human Beings? Do you know what Gravity is, rather than merely what it does? Do you know how an electron changes from a particle to wave? Do any of these or other shortages of understanding on your part, cause you to reject mainstream science?

The idea that in the 21st Century there is no more mystery is a fallacy. There is no perfect, logical and complete understanding in any world view, scientific or otherwise. The argument that something is invalid because it falls outside of our perfect comprehension is one that could be used against any belief system. Such an argument fails in every case, since it is equivalent to saying, for example, that computers can’t exist because you don’t know how they work. The fact that this argument is most often used against Christianity is a sign of the times; the thing to know is that it is just as defective when used against Christianity as when used against any other belief.