Why We Don’t Normally Give Chapter and Verse Bible References

The Bible is a book, and the normal way to read a book is to start at the beginning and read through to the end. The Bible also needs to be read in this way. Constant quoting of chapters and verses very easily leads to a habit of reading only small parts of the Bible, often inevitably out of context, and also of building doctrine on just a few verses chosen from the full seven hundred and fifty thousand words of Scripture. We believe this to be dangerous. Any truly Biblical belief must conform with the whole of Scripture, and it is not possible to have a sense of whether any particular belief does unless one has actually read the whole of Scripture at least several times. It is important also that this reading does not use some “guided” scheme, unless it’s a straightforward Read in a Year Bible that takes you through the Old and New Testaments over 365 days. Other schemes may have their own notes or bias, which is exactly what you should be seeking to avoid.

It might be that we could convince more people of what is said on this site if we quoted chapter and verse fully. But anyone who followed this site on that account would actually be following this site rather than the Bible. That would be foolish as this site is yet another post-biblical source which, like all others, lacks the Authority of Scripture. Reading the whole Bible is vital, and we do not believe that anyone who has not read it, or is not in the process of reading it fully for themselves, is ever likely to arrive at a proper understanding. We therefore discourage the looking up of particular verses unless it is accompanied by full reading, and affirm full reading as the more important of the two.