Why Creation Science Matters

The existence of an Almighty Creator God is fundamental to Christianity. Darwinian Evolution denies the existence of such a Being, and is the foundation of Atheism. Since that denial is couched in scientific terminology, it must be disproved by science. Failure to do so produces a false dichotomy between Science and Faith. The results are that atheists who accept this dichotomy are confirmed in their Atheism; and “Christians” who believe it must reject the very first words of the Bible. When you reject the first chapter of a book as rubbish or mere allegory, you are well primed to disregard the rest.

The Churches have long argued that Creation Science is unnecessary. They thought they could live with Atheism’s bottom line. That is largely why they are dying. They are prey to the dynamic already mentioned, in which they first reject the beginning of the Bible, and then go on to consider which other parts they might consent to, and which they will reject.

Nobody who accepts Darwin’s delusion can have a clue as to who or what God really is, nor, by extension, can they truly understand His Son, Jesus.

Anybody browsing this site should take time to look into the science, unless they are already sure that a straight reading of Genesis gives the truth. “Faith” does not mean closing your eyes and willing God to exist. It means having trust and confidence in a God who you know exists. Creation Science provides that knowledge. That’s why it matters.

(Paul says in Romans that God and His qualities are obvious from what has been made. It should be obvious; it should be obvious that if a smartphone needs a designer a human being does too. For some it is obvious. But for very many of a generation drenched in Darwin’s folly,  knowledge of the science is essential.)