The best update on Assange is on the website of Craig Murray. Murray is an ex-ambassador who had too much concern for human rights to keep his job. His bio on Wikipedia here is a good read, as are his books.

His report on Assange makes disturbing reading. All the more reason to check it out here.

For me, these revelations follow fairly quickly on my own personal interview with Rabbi Elhanan Beck. That too was shocking, and I have not yet got round to writing an article on it. In short, I am well aware of the Mainstream Media’s twisting of narratives, yet I had assumed that the complete absence of Beck and his fellow Jews from the media was due to some failing on their part. During our conversation I realised that whatever they do, whether in the UK, or the USA, or in Israel, they are completely blanked by the media. According to the BBC et al, anti-zionist Jews simply don’t exist. Even I am shocked by the power and desire of the media to present such a massive lie. I shouldn’t be. I’ve known for years, as a scientist myself, that the Darwinist ideas they promote are all bogus science. I need to catch on to the reality. And my guess is that you do too. Read on.

Article on anti-zionist Jews on this site here.