The main theme of this site is that the Churches are a corrupt stand-in or surrogate for true Christianity, designed to deceive Christians and atheists alike. All the cults perform the same function. This site aims to be a tool to help people rethink not only Christianity versus Church, but also associated doctrines and issues such as Evolution versus Creation, Predestination, the Christian response to war and violence, and the role of Truth, or rather the twisting of it, in war.

The articles here are fairly short, designed to act as prompts. We hope that people will move on to do their own personal reading of the whole Bible, as well as doing their own internet research on science, history and more. If you have never read the whole Bible for yourself, you will be a victim to other peoples’ warped versions of it. And if you do not check things on the web, you will also be misled by the mainstream media’s manipulated world-view.

You may want to begin with Christianity’s first major problem, the hijack of Christianity by Church. Or, if you are unclear about the lack of science behind Evolution, start with Darwin Exposes Himself or the Science Page, which links to about two dozen other sites. Otherwise, peruse the article titles and take them as you are moved. There is no right or wrong order.

Thank you for visiting.