There are Massive Lies Being Told About Covid. Check This Now.

I first posted a Covid19 article on the News Section of this site on 6th April. It covered the different responses to Covid19 in Sweden and the UK (here.) I have been researching heavily since then, and created a brand new website,, here, dealing specifically with the virus issue.


Several months on it is very clear that massive lies are being told about Covid. We are witnessing the greatest destruction of basic human rights around the Globe that has taken place in the whole of history, together with a major destruction of the economy that has yet to become apparent. And all for a virus that Sweden and others have defeated without lockdown.

Christians should be acutely aware of all this. Coming restrictions seem very likely to include the inability to buy food without a vaccine mark or other track and trace technology. My other site, here,  only covers information from a scientific and non-christian viewpoint. It links to other secular sites, and there are plenty more, both secular and “Christian” on the web.

I have almost given up on updates to either of my sites. People are simply soaking up the BBC “News” and being obedient to absurd Government dictates. It is probably time for those who have the discernment to prepare for something big and dark, probably this Winter.

Further Update, 4/10/20

The last update here was written on 31st July. On that same day, I added the last article to the website, here. It describes how the great pandemic of 1918 was actually caused by a vaccine. The lack of response to that article confirmed in me the view that we are beyond the point where facts matter any more: an assessment that had been growing in me for some time. That is why that article has become the last. There is no longer any point in trying to convey truth.

For real Christians and everyone else, this is a parting of the ways. Those who have no understanding of God may place their faith in Boris Johnson, NHS Nurses, the PCR test, or one of the vaccines. Those who know God also know that all of those are fallible; and that’s even without knowing that PCR should never be used for diagnosis, or that the Autism epidemic is vaccine-generated, or that Johnson is a known liar. As the New Nightmare Normal kicks in, it’s time for those who love Truth to do their homework. Are you following the crowd or following Jesus? Are you still suckered by Darwinism just because the BBC has fed you with it for years? (If so, you’ll be suckered by the Covid media hype too.) Are you happily wearing a mask and waiting for the vaccine so you will be allowed to buy and sell as normal?

This is a time like no other. Come, Lord Jesus.