There are Massive Lies Being Told About Covid. Check This.

I first posted a Covid19 article on the News Section of this site on 6th April. It covered the different responses to Covid19 in Sweden and the UK (here.) I have been researching heavily since then, and created a brand new website,, here, dealing specifically with the virus issue.


Several months on it is very clear that massive lies are being told about Covid. We are witnessing the greatest destruction of basic human rights around the Globe that has taken place in the whole of history, together with a major destruction of the economy that has yet to become apparent. And all for a virus that Sweden and others have defeated without lockdown.

Christians should be acutely aware of all this. Coming restrictions seem very likely to include the inability to buy food without a vaccine mark or other track and trace technology. My other site, here,  just covers information from a scientific and non-christian viewpoint. It links to other secular sites, and there are plenty more, both secular and “Christian” on the web.

I have almost given up on updates to either of my sites. People are simply soaking up the BBC “News” and being obedient to absurd Government dictates. It is probably time for those who have the discernment to prepare for something big and dark, probably this Winter.