I first posted a Covid19 article on the News Section of this site in April of 2020. It covered the different responses to Covid19 in Sweden and the UK (here.) I started researching heavily then, and created a new website,, here, dealing specifically with the virus issue, in April/May of 2020. The site has not been updated since July of 2020 – over a year ago – when it became apparent that rational debate about the virus was impossible.

We are witnessing the greatest destruction of basic Human Rights around the Globe that has taken place in the whole of history, together with a major destruction of the economy that has yet to become fully apparent. And all for a virus that is absolutely comparable to the common Flu.

Over the last year I have blown hot and cold about trying to explain the real science behind epidemiology, viruses, vaccination, etc. I have even written a number of articles that I then never bothered to publish. My current view is that knowing the Truth about God is vastly more important than knowing the truth about Lockdowns, so that’s where my efforts, such as they are, must remain focussed.  Whether you believe in the Pandemic or not will make little difference to you – you’ll be living subject to the restrictions anyway. But whether you believe and trust in Jesus or not will make every difference to you.