Covid and Conspiracy.

15 August 2022

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There is a very great deal that people should know about the state of the World today. I have not, in general, added any of this to the site, since I don’t want to distract from the most important messages, which are:

 God exists.  Good science points overwhelmingly and unmistakeably to an Intelligent Creator.

The Bible stands out head, shoulders and chest from any other book ever written even when you leave aside what it says (See here.) It is the most obvious candidate for God’s main communication with Man.

3  The Bible is indeed true, and Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God.

 The Gospel is the most important single thing in life that all people need to understand.

Beyond these four points, as already stated, there is much more that one should ideally be aware of. Grasping it all needs a very serious effort at thinking and research. It is all just as mind-blowing as the four points above. Here I just give a quick synopsis and some links that you might follow, always with much thought and discernment.

Most people simply do not think. This will almost certainly include you! They choose a source of information which they regard as truth, and then follow it blindly. For the majority this is the BBC and other Mainstream Media. Their views and opinions are easily predicted by simply knowing what the BBC said this week. For a minority, their source is YouTube and other alternative media. They will probably be aware that the entire Covid agenda is a lie, but will probably also believe that the Earth is flat, that 5G is a death-ray, and that vapour trails from aircraft are poison chemicals. All of these are totally unscientific nonsense.

In sorting the truth, debate is essential. Often the truth can be arrived at quickly, simply by noting how people debate. If debate is forbidden or heavily censored, then whatever “truth” is allowed to be presented is the opposite of the actual truth.  Further, if people cannot debate rationally and scientifically, but instead resort to insults and personal attacks, this is 99% certain confirmation that they are wrong, and once again the opposite of what they say will be the truth.

(Briefly, on Flat Earth, nobody can produce a map of it, except a version of the graphic on the UN flag made to look like a map. If you try planning flights around the World using this, the stupidity is quickly obvious. You don’t need to go into such things as explanations of why the Equator is hot and the Poles are cold, which is readily explained by a spherical Earth, but not by a flat one. And with 5G, the death-ray believers can never agree on what frequency they are talking about, and prefer to avoid the crucial matter of frequency altogether. Once in a face-to-face debate with an “electrical engineer” I had to ask him six times to name the frequency that concerned him. Eventually he said 2.4GHz. That’s the frequency most wifi has worked on for over ten years, and still does. Perhaps it was just one that he’d heard of!)

I set up a Covid website back in April of 2020. It was already clear to me then that there was something bogus. As with this site, I got to a point of almost never updating it, since the number of people who will actually apply their minds to anything is so tiny. Hence it’s really not worth the effort. However, a few posts on the Covid site are still relevant and worth reading:

Epidemiology for Dummies. Written in collaboration with Dr Knut Wittkowski. Basic science which shows that a respiratory virus epidemic will burn itself out in a few months as it creates Herd Immunity. It is impossible for the “Pandemic” to be still continuing now. (Current infections are the result of people having their immune systems compromised by the vaccine. More evidence of this in the links below.)

1918 “Spanish Flu” Caused by a Vaccine.  The lie about 1918 has been well covered up for a century. The real lesson is “Don’t Mess with Vaccines.”

Truth about 5G. The only addition to the Covid site for two years! Written when I was brassed-off with the 5G crowd. So far as I know, it has never made anyone think.

Beyond this, since I mostly don’t bother anymore, and since some others have now  picked up the cudgels on Covid, here are some pointers:

You need to know about Klaus Schwab, the WEF, and the Great Reset.

Karry Mullis, inventor of PCR, and what he said about it.

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of, or at least heavily involved in the invention of, the mRNA technology used in the Covid “vaccines.”

Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Advisor at Pfizer.

Joel Smalley. Excellent statistical analyses.

HART Group. A little bit lame, but not bad.

You need to know that the major Social Media Apps are heavily censored; Twitter, Facebook, etc. Use Bitchute and others instead of YouTube. And the Telegram App is mainly not censored. That’s where a lot of people have migrated to. I don’t doubt that one day it will suddenly be shut down. (Germany has already called for its closure, just as Iranian PressTV and Russia Today have already been forced off the air in the UK.)

On Telegram I like Vaccine Choice Canada. Canada has suffered, and still is suffering, very heavily, from Covid restrictions. A fair proportion of normal people there are now awake. (By normal, I mean those who would previously have believed in the Mainstream Media.) Hence their output is generally sound, without the 5G hysteria, etc.

Also try on Telegram:

21st Century Wire.

The Exposé News.   (Need to check their original sources.)

Sergeant News Network.   American. Sometimes overdosed with US politics, but has some good stuff. (The US politics can also be interesting; it can look very different to what the BBC says.)

CHANNEL – Freedom Gibraltar.    Amateur, fair amount of garbage, but good stuff as well.

(Just saw that Malone and Yeadon now have their own channels.)

Checking all of these will lead you to other sources. Roam freely. Remember that Google search results are heavily skewed. For example, I recently managed to come across the “Biblicism Institute.” Interesting site. ( However, using just the two words in a Google search didn’t find the site; but on Yandex search engine (Russian) it came up as the first option. Google also gets to know your preferences, and delivers sites it thinks you want; or wants you to look at. Doing the same search on another computer can bring different results. Beware!

Be aware also that Controlled Opposition is very much in play, so it’s always hard to know who to trust. Controlled Opposition outlets will contain a lot of truth, but also contamination. Knowing science, thinking, discernment are vital. 

For a Christian, knowing truth is a fundamental. Not just the existence of God, or the Gospel, or even Six-Day Creation, but ALL truth. When people who identify as Christian are presented with the truth of Creation and do not embrace it, I completely doubt their Salvation. When “Christians” soak up other lies, such as the Covid “Pandemic” and “Vaccine”, I doubt their Salvation as well. If the BBC et al lie consistently about Darwinism, it should be obvious that they are not to be trusted on anything.  Romans 12 – Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.