Beware Victor’s History!

There is an old maxim that “All history is Victor’s history”. It is basically true, and for fairly obvious reasons. The victors hold all the handles of power and therefore control the media, whatever form that media may take. Two examples here:

1.  Back in 1066 one form of media was tapestry. The Norman victors produced the Bayeux Tapestry, which is still viewed by thousands of visitors to the French town of Bayeaux today. The Normans even used English monks to work on it. The horrendous “Harrying of the North” by the Normans is largely forgotten, and on the English side there is little more than a few “legends” of a guerilla fighter called Robin Hood, who most people do not even connect with the Norman Invasion. The successors to the Normans remain in power today, so you’ll probably never hear a view of William the Conqueror as a power-hungry, criminal warrior who had no justification to invade a foreign country, displacing its rightful and good King Harry. Once established, Victor’s History sticks.

2.  Move forward a thousand years. You will hear of the evil of German unrestricted submarine warfare in the Atlantic. You won’t hear of the Americans doing the same in the Pacific. And you won’t hear that America was able to build Liberty Ships as quickly as Allied ships were being sunk. You also won’t hear that the Japanese were quite unable to do the same, so that their merchant navy was decimated by the end of the War. Further, you won’t hear that before the Atom Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, some fifty Japanese cities had already been fire-bombed (compare Dresden.) Nor that Japan was suing for peace before the Atom Bombs. Nor that simultaneously with the atom bombs, Japan suddenly lost Manchuria to the Russians. The significance of this loss is huge. Manchuria was absolutely vital to the Japanese economy. It was safe from Russian invasion because Japan and Russia were not at war with each other during World War II. (Check it out – Russian ships could sail past Japan with American goods unmolested.) But after the defeat of Germany, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt agreed that Russian troops would move from the Western Front to the East and launch a surprise attack. The massive, three-pronged attack on weakly-defended Manchuria conquered it within days. Japan was finished, Atom Bombs or no Atom Bombs. If there was any purpose at all in the civilian deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was to force Japan into humiliating, unconditional surrender rather than a negotiated peace.

Today, America can fire missiles at Syria because of an alleged but unproven Weapons of Mass Destruction used in the city of Douma, Syria, in April 2018. The “Mass Destruction” is alleged, not proven, to have killed forty civilians. About a fifth of a million civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Mass Destruction” evidently has a different meaning depending on who is doing the destroying. This is not exactly Victor’s History as the Syrian War has, as yet, no victor. But the same principle of control of the Media applies.

The main theme on this site is the Truth about Christianity, but Truth matters in all things. Lies are used to justify what is not justifiable, both in Peace as well as in War.  Truth should be a concern for everyone, and even more so for Christians. We see no sign of that in the Churches, since they are all followers of the warrior-politician Emperor Constantine. What we hear about Constantine and the Churches is yet another example of Victor’s History.