To the Person who rang on Sunday: feel free to call back.


I never got to know your name, but if you rang on Sunday 9th you’ll know who you are. (If I knew your name, I wouldn’t put it on the site anyway.)

We never got into anything deep. Our conversation was just based around getting to know each other a bit. I was hoping you would feel less anxious, and that I would get to know “where you’re at“,  so that I would be able to pick things up in the right place for you.

Perhaps a few really basic points are worth noting:

1 God does exist. You have probably gathered the idea from various places that God and Science are contradictory. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good, or proper, science points very, very clearly to the existence of a Creator God.

2 The Bible is reliable. If you read the article here, you still won’t know anything about what it says, but you will probably understand that it is a truly unique book; a book that could not have come about without Divine intervention.

3 God loves all that He created. Most importantly, right now, that includes you. The Bible makes this clear.

4 The very heart of Christianity is the Gospel. Gospel literally means “Good News“. And the Good News is that God forgives absolutely everyone who wishes to receive that forgiveness and so become close to Him. There’s an article on the Gospel here.

Please feel free to call again anytime. If you are short of credit, tell me and I’ll call you back.

There are answers for you!

Best wishes,