NIGE – From New Brighton – Did you ring?

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First, you might like to listen to:

It’s a “modern chorus” rather than a hymn, with powerful melody and very good lyrics. Choruses have been going downhill for decades, with many either too simplistic or actually theologically incorrect. This one was composed 20  years ago, and is pretty sound. In three verses it encapsulates the heart of Christianity, and can be sung genuinely and personally by anyone who really knows Jesus. There’s just one little bit that may be misleading, but with that explained it’s really very good. (The old stuff is often much better, such as Then there’s some ballads by a guy called Don Francisco – Bible stories told from the point of view of someone involved. For example, one from the thief crucified beside Jesus who is saved, I’ll shut up now!)

Second, there’s nothing about ghosts on the site, but there’s some key stuff to know. Please give me a bell.

Was great to meet today. We thought that whole street was a little treasure! Good craic! Not something you often find in the UK, but if you do I guess Liverpool is the place!