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Which bible?  


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29/09/2020 1:57 pm  

Hallo everyone, I'm v confused as to which bible I should be reading as I know that some have more books than others. Do I need the 1611 version or the one without the extra books? Why do some have more? Who decided which were allowed? How do I know who to believe? I've seen some interesting videos by AD RRM and Leeland Jones but I don't know how someone new is supposed to know which guys are ok to listen to. Thank you for your patience. 

I was brought up in a home with a v religious mother which has put me off hugely. And yet I feel these are very much the last days and am very frightened of what is going to happen. I am worried about the VMAT2 gene and forced vaccinations. I am scared  that I'll not be able to stand strong as my faith hasn't even really established yet. I am grateful for this site xx

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03/10/2020 4:02 pm  

Hi Liza, and thanks for posting on the Forum,

Bible translations are a never-ending source of controversy. The additional books you refer to are called variously Deuterocanonical or Apocryphal. They are essentially books that are approved by the Catholic church, but not by Protestant churches. Since the "Standard" Canon of 66 books is accepted by everyone, I think it makes sense to use those. If the Apocrypha do not present any different doctrine, there would be little value in reading them. If they do present some variations of doctrine, which appears to be the case, that would be a reason to reject them. The fact that the Catholic church promotes them, given the history of Catholicism, would also be a reason to reject them.

Regarding different translations, I would love a readable version of Tyndale's Bible or Wycliffe's. They were both burned at the stake for their efforts. Tyndale was well aware of the risk he was taking, and I believe that shows a genuine commitment to truth. Wycliffe was more fortunate, since they only dug him up and burned him fifty years after he died. The English is archaic in both, especially Wycliffe's, so they are not really accessible. Tyndale's translation was largely copied for the King James Bible, which is a point in favour of the KJV. However, it too is archaic, and was interfered with by the King, who notably insisted on the use of the word "church" with all its connotations. I tend to read the New King James, and also the NIV, which is more readable, but has some very bad translations.

This may sound depressing, but it is not quite so bad. I think all the serious problems with understanding come from people building doctrine from a few verses, which may not even be in context. Note that the Bible was not written with verses and chapters. These are a later addition. If you read the whole Bible as you would any other book, you will get the right message. There is more on the site about translations, Constantine, etc, which I think you should find useful.

I don't know who Leeland Jones is. He seems to be one of many who put videos on the web. Personally, I avoid videos since they are a slow way of transmitting information, and it is very difficult to check back on what was said. Text is a far better medium.

If you are feeling uncertain, I think science is a good place to start. After the Bible, science is our best guide to truth. I do, of course, mean sound science, not junk science. There's a fair amount of introductory stuff on the site to the superiority of Creation Science over evolutionary "science". Also links to other sites that go into vastly more detail. When you are fully assured of the existence of a Creator God you are in a far better position to move forward. And the science can even tell something of the nature of the Creator. Why, for example, does the human eye have the capacity to distinguish millions of different colours? If you look at a picture in 256 colours on an old computer, it looks pretty good. And many animals live well without the ability to distinguish colours as we do. Registering all those different colours takes huge information processing power; a reason for not having that ability. That ability, however, confers the power to appreciate beauty. It follows that the Creator intended us to appreciate beauty, and the He does Himself.

I looked at the VMAT2 gene. It looks to me like a particularly noxious case of garbage science used to disprove God. I think there may be more science in Alice in Wonderland.

Forced vaccinations are a cause for concern. See my other site, The 1918 pandemic was caused by a vaccine, and currently over 150 Covid vaccines are in rushed development. All this, in spite of the facts that no successful vaccine against a coronavirus has ever been developed; and that the flu vaccine is largely ineffective, and predisposes to serious coronavirus infection; and that the autism epidemic is caused by vaccines; etc. The reduction in illness that we see today is mainly down to clean water and effective sewerage. The entire multi-billion pound vaccine industry is a highly suspect endeavour.

How strong do you think your faith needs to be? There is a widespread (Catholic generated) belief that if a Christian denies the Name of Jesus under torture, he goes to Hell. If someone gave a bad report of me under torture, I hope and trust that I would forgive them. I am absolutely certain that Jesus does. Do love Jesus? Do you accept Him as your Lord and Saviour? Do you want to please Him in what you do? (Notice "want to" rather than "do you.") Do you know He loves you? Jesus is about Love, not fear.

Feel free to give me a bell if you wish - 07486 869202. Christianity today does not have the popularity that would overheat my phone line!

Every Blessing,