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What brought you he...
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What brought you here I wonder?  


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Joined: 2 years ago
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25/01/2019 2:08 am  

Hello members. My name is Karen and in the interests of getting to know you all I wondered how you landed on this site? I mean what question were you asking or what topic were you wondering about? I was pondering  if God knows everything, how much of anything is up to me? I don't believe in pre-destination and was seeking to reconcile all I knew so far. Don't you just love how God has designed all of this? I mean how truth is there to be discovered if you seek it.  Utterly amazing  😍

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27/01/2019 1:51 am  

Hi I'm Miriam and this is the one and only forum I have ever joined as finding a true Christian site like this is so rare. Plus I don't like to spend too much time online and neglect more important things like reading God's Word.